dsc05127Language and Literacy:
The school curriculum covers many different topics throughout the year where old vocabulary is reviewed and new vocabulary is introduced.

Personal Development:
K1 students will develop independence, self confidence and a sense of responsibility. They will continue their daily routine of washing their hands before and after meals, and learn to brush their teeth after lunchtime and dress themselves with some assistance.

K1 students will be able to recognize and count numbers from 1 to 50. They will be introduced to some basic arithmetic of addition and subtraction, as well as extend their knowledge of shapes.

Environmental and Peer Awareness:
K1 students will partake in important projects that stress the importance of keeping our environment clean, and learn about animals that are becoming extinct .

Coordination and Balance:
- K1 students will show advanced eye-hand co-ordination by practicing their painting, drawing, arts and crafts skills by partaking in art lessons within the school curriculum.

Creativity (art, drama, music):
K1 students will develop creativity and self-expression by partaking in music and art lessons. They will learn songs throughout the year and perform in front of their peers and families at important events e.g. TET holiday and Christmas.