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Gọi điện ngay

Stamford Grammar is an exciting kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam which provides comprehensive and holistic education for infants from 4 months to kindergarten students of 6 years old.

At Stamford Grammar core concepts are integrated across all curriculum areas. Reading, writing, and mathematical skills are emphasized as integral to the instruction in all other areas.

Our curriculum reflects the belief that kindergarten should address the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and ethical development of children. The main intent is for students to value learning and develop the skills to gain knowledge and understand their world.

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About our classes

Stamford Grammar offers a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of children.

We make learning fun! This is the foundation of how we teach. Even though our curriculums are comprehensive, students always have opportunity to learn in a way that is fun and to gauge their interest.

Our school hours are from 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. However students may arrive earlier or leave later which will allow them more play time or to attend enrichment classes.

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