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Stamford Grammar employs qualified teachers. They are recruited not only for their academic standing but for their care, experience, understanding and ability to work with young children. Our teachers are chosen for their kindness, gentleness and ability to active children. Our teachers have also been assessed for their ability to sing, act and creativity.

Stamford Grammar is staffed with qualified and experienced teachers specially trained for their assigned age level. All of our teachers hold recognised teaching qualifications.

In addition to our foreign and local academic teams, we also have dedicated teams of administrative and support staff to ensure smooth operation of our campuses.

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We have on-site nurses, doctor and clinics to deal with health issues.  Our doctor conducts free monthly health checks for our students. Records of students’ development and health issues are updated. We have qualified 24 hour security personnel at both of our campuses.  We offer reliable bus service for students upon requests. We operate our own kitchens to ensure that we serve hygienic, nutritious and healthy meals to our students.


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